Siegfried, Tom

Tom Siegfried

Former Editor-in-chief of Science News
1719 N St. NW (Society for Science and the Public)
Washington, DC 20036

Books:  The Bit and The Pendulum (2002), Strange Matters (2002), and A Beautiful Math
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First Tweet: Friday, June 14

Did you see this reference to your Murray Gell-Mann tribute?
“Special thanks to Tom Seigfried who wrote an eloquent testimony
for Science News. Our homepage headline comes right out of this
writing!” (link:

First email: Sunday, 16 June 2019 @ 5 PM

Dear Tom:

Congratulations on such an outstanding career.
I awkwardly tweeted you yesterday. A corrected version I’ll insert below:
@tom_siegfried Thank you for your article on Murray Gell-Mann:

To say that he was a lion of a man would be understatement.

And, yes, “Most challenges to scientific orthodoxy are wrong…”
And, most definitely, “Yes,” some challenges to the orthodoxy are worth exploring further. And, of course, “Yes,” the challenge is getting heard, believed, and taken seriously.

It was so nicely written, I have already used that last statement in a headline on our website: …yes, right there in the top headline! There is also a link to the article within the endnotes, footnotes, references and resources.

Thanks again for all that you do to make science approachable.

Best wishes,