The Resilience Project

27 October 2022 at about 1 PM

Pandemics call for a resilience we have yet to fully discover. It is a resilience of a deeper knowingness. This is not hype or wishful thinking: Everything, everywhere, for all time can be mathematically-and-geometrically mapped. Some scholars may recognize it as a scalar field theory. It is, but it is also much easier to grasp. Here’s the initial evidence: Here are more discussions: (most recent)

Some of those numbers may well be the start of scalar field theory but it is also the start of something much more and much easier to grasp. Max Planck (one of the prime movers of quantum theory, the Nobel laureate of 1918, and the one who discovered Einstein) calculated the smallest, meaningful units of space-and-time. Although Georges Lemaître thought a primeval atom would manifest, our best guess today is an infinitesimal sphere. If we apply Euler’s most simple exponential notation (base-2), in just 202 jumps or doublings or steps, we go from that start to this moment today. That bears repeating, “In just 202 jumps or doublings or steps, we go from the start of the universe to this moment today.” The notations build on each other and are always active. The universe acts organically. Everything is related to everything throughout all time. Everything you do, say, or think has an effect on our universe. Now, in 1874, physicist George Johnstone Stoney was the first to calculate these natural units. We have asked the International Standards Organization (ISO) to do an analysis to determine the efficacy of each and to advise us on the best possible numbers from what we have from Planck and Stoney. Yet, the resulting 202 notations will stand. That’s the nature of exponential notation. That Notation-202 spans over ten billion years (out of 13.81).

So here is a model of the universe that is the epitome of resilience. And, this model of the universe liberates us; it is wildly inclusive and empowering. And, it has a built-in valuation system and de facto ethics based on the three conditions of pi: continuity (begets order), symmetry (begets relations), and harmony (begets dynamics).

We may not know immediately how to deal with the next pandemic, but we know the answers are not far away.”
-Bruce Camber, The Resilience Project