Planck Charge

The four base units: Planck Length, Planck Time, Planck Mass and Planck Charge need to be studied and analyzed as carefully as possible. Perhaps most important is the Planck constant because it is involved with the definition of all four.

Planck Length. In 2011 my journey with Max Planck began in earnest through the Planck Length. Ultimately, it did not much matter what Max Planck’s calculation was for Planck Length, it was so small and we were so close to it, our system of going within using the tetrahedron and octahedron was more important than the actual numbers when our goal was just to get into the range of 10-35 meters.

Planck Charge. In 2015, the four Planck units were mapped using base-2 notation. In 2016 those numbers were placed on a horizontally-scrolled grid. Where Planck Length and Planck Time were most infinitesimal, Planck Mass and Planck Charge were larger than some current measurements of both.

There is much more to come