The Problem With Pi Day

Nobody Takes Pi Quite Seriously Enough

Let’s look at the fundamentals we know of π and  and then impute other fundamentals to determine if these can be tested.

Let’s start at the very beginning until our universe is filled with spheres
Sphere: Our most basic building block
•  Pi Day 2019
•  Pi Day 2018
•  Pi Defined and Reviewed every Pi-Day
•  Pi Questions and Comments
•  Stephen Hawking dies on Pi Day 2018

•  Big Bang Cosmology Opens Us To A Dystopia
•  “The big bang theory is wrong,” says Prof. Dr. Neil Turok
•  If Turok Tells Us That Hawking Is Wrong, The Big Bang Apple Is Falling.
•  Stephen Hawking and Alan Guth Enjoined To Reconsider Big Bang
•  We all make mistakes!
•  Why is there so much hatred and tension in our life and this world?

•  Notes to Stephen Hawking