On discovering the work of Rohan Naidu

Rohan Naidu, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

RE: Primary reference: Standard Model of Cosmology survives the James Webb Space Telescope
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First email: Jan 23, 2023 @ 6:39 PM Revised: January 25, 2023

Dear Rohan:

  1. Could we have vested too much in the wrong beginning? I think so.
  2. Could a natural inflation work if we start with something like Planck’s base units? It seems so.
  3. What would the very first moment look like?

My old mentor, Phil Davis, at Brown (and prior to that the head mathematician at NIST), loved the infinitesimal sphere. And, he convinced me it is the most logical place to start thinking about the start of the universe. 

Today, I’d say, “It’s the best possible start. It’s better than Lemaitre’s primeval atom.” Using Planck’s numbers, if we assume one sphere per unit of Planck Time, there would be about 539 tredecillion infinitesimal spheres per second. Our page about it: https://81018.com/tredecillion/ At that rate and with all the smoothness, 330 million years seems reasonable like a safe bet for large-scale structure formation: https://81018.com/defacto/

I know how entirely idiosyncratic this construction is. Yet, I can hear the irascible nudge and savant, Murray Gell- Mann say, “Stop your whining and keep digging.”

Best wishes to you,