On following the work of John William McArthur…

John William McArthur, Brookings Institution, Global Economy and Development Program
1775 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036 USA T: 202-797-6029

Articles: Hundreds of articles, reports, and chapters in books. This is a small sampling:
• John W McArthur. 2014. “The origins of the Millennium Development Goals.” The SAIS Review of International Affairs. Vol. 36, No. 2 (Summer-Fall), pp. 5-24.
• John W McArthur. 2016. “How to end worldwide poverty by 2030.” GOOD Magazine. Issue 37.
• with Jeffrey D Sachs. 2005. “The Millennium Project: A plan for meeting them Millennium Development Goals.” The Lancet. Vol. 365, pp. 347-53.
Publications (PDF-CV)
YouTube: What gives you hope in the world?, 2013; Aid to Africa Debate: John McArthur, 2007.

First email: Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Dear Dr. John W. McArthur:

My family came from Massachusetts-Maine and New Brunswick (including Kamloops, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Belleisle Creek and so on). I remember visiting Uncle John Muir in 1965; he had an oil rig in his backyard just south of Calgary. I was born-and-brought up in Boston, and did little stints at Harvard, MIT, and BU, before working (’69-’70) with the Brookings on behalf of the Fund for New Priorities in America (NYC). Our Congressional Conferences included Justice, Environment, and Congressional Priorities.

In 1971 I finally realized that Isaac Newton’s absolute space and time had become the world’s common sense perception and it was wrong. I had learned enough physics to understand how it was derivative, not absolute. For most people that changes nothing. For me, it changed everything.

How do we orient ourselves within this place we call the world, the solar system, the Milky Way and the Universe? We don’t. Most barely think outside their immediate surroundings. Rarely do people think outside this world.

If our worldview is truly limited to our world and perhaps to our solar system, what do we understand? Surprisingly, the answer is very little. The universe functions as a whole, an intimate little machine that is mathematically and geometrically tied together within just 202 base-2 exponential notations. If we are ever going to get our models anywhere close to correct, we need to understand the following:
1. The universe is exponential. It is exponentially expanding.
2. There is a deep, internal geometry and mathematics that ties it all together first within those 202 base-2 notations; and then, once we engage that, our imaginations can break free and truly begin to see where all the intellectual abstractions such as string and M-theory, Langlands programs, and so much more all fit into this picture. None of your models include these disciplines. That information is real, it impacts your models, and it is ignored today.

I write just to caution you on hitting on your conclusions too hard. Let them all breathe a little and invite others to engage your models in order to more fully define and explain them.

Of course, I wish you well with your work and that of your program within the institute. Thank you.