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First email: Monday, 12 February 2018

Hi Suzanne Alejandre and Jim King:

Nobody seems to know what to do with our sweet little STEM tool that encompasses the universe by starting with the Planck Length and Planck Time, by using base-2 exponential notation, it comes up to the Age of the Universe and the Size of the Universe in just 202 notations. Though it is a simple doubling, we are trying to discern what would be doubled at the Planck scale. The experts (scholars) all seem to be a bit unsure of themselves. Wouldn’t the Planck scale inherently reflect all the ratios by which these numbers are defined or are they some kind of singularity where all this mathematics just gunks up into an undefined, uptight blob that is infinitesimally hot, infinitesimally dense, and infinitesimal?

Here are some of our references:

Any help to get us on the straight and narrow will be profoundly appreciated!