On discovering the work of Sayan Mandal…

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First email: August 31, 2022, 4:27 PM

1. Sayan MandalNeelima SehgalToshiya Namikawa https://arxiv.org/abs/2201.02204
2. 2018 PresentationEvolution of Primordial Magnetic Fields from their Generation till Recombination

Dear Dr. Sayan Mandal:

Have you ever wanted to just set aside all the preconditions and presuppositions and just try to build the universe from scratch? Where would you start? If you were to allow preconditions, might the age of the universe be one? How about the Planck base units? What’s next?

Just with that bit of data, I would assume those Planck units defined the first moment in spacetime. Apply base-2 and in about 64 base-2 notations we are approaching the sizes within particle physics. In another 69 notations we approach a second, and in another 69 we are out to over 13.8 billion years and the approximate size of the universe. Those numbers were calculated in 2011 by a high school geometry class!

The chart begs the question about the first structure; one with the most diversity and hidden complexities is the sphere, so off we’ve gone to outline and do some very basic constructions: https://81018.com/analysis/

Of course, given your depth of knowledge and intellect, I would be most fascinated to hear your comments.  Thank you.