Why is there such malaise in the world?

Who are we?
Where did we come from?
Where are we going?
What is the meaning-and-value of life?

by Bruce Camber, March 2018

Sensitive people throughout the world are asking, “Why is there such a malaise among the world’s people about our common future?”

Although the global-warming people and the religious fanatics all proclaim the end is near and crazy folks with a finger on a nuclear detonation button also proclaim, the end is near, I think we should look at the work of two scholars from Cambridge University, the Lucasian professors, Isaac Newton (1687, Principia) and Stephen Hawking (1988, Brief History of Time).

Those two really made a mess of things.

First, Newton gave us absolute space and time. It re-defined our understanding of infinity and then it became commonsense. Look up into the clear night sky, we often say, “It goes on forever.”

No, it doesn’t.

It only goes as far as the current expansion of the universe.”

All of our scholars and scientists, and then the general public, over the years, adopted Newton’s vision; and then, it became commonsense.

It didn’t take long before we didn’t need God in the equation. Now, it seems we don’t even need the concept of infinity in our equations!

Remember, Hawking gave us the “infinitely small, infinitely hot, infinitely dense” start of the universe. He ostensibly took charge of the way we understand how it all began. Yet, today, even his former co-authors disagree with him. The general public, still in love with Sheldon of the television series, The Big Bang Theory, has a ways to go to catch up. The problem is, however, all those scholars who disagree with him have not come up with a viable alternative.

Once you analyze it and think about it a little, the more you will see that Stephen Hawking’s view of the universe is initially nihilistic and ultimately dystopian.

There are a few alternatives. A simple alternative came out of a New Orleans high school geometry class in December 2011. Over the years, it has become increasingly clear that although simple, rather naive, and totally idiosyncratic, this was the first view of a highly-integrated mathematical universe that can be seen on one chart starting with the smallest possible measurements called the Planck units then proceeding sequentially by doublings those units and each subsequent doubling for a total of 202nd notations to the Age of the Universe and the size of the universe today.

Simple logic tells us that it is the most-simple-yet-complete mathematical model of the universe. It is so simple, it is disarming. It is so complete, it is alarming. Have you seen a more-simple, more-complete scale?

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Lucasian #2 gave us our commonsense worldview: Absolute space and time

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