A brief summary of documents that look into infinity

The Concept of Infinity, A Key

Background. Several pages have explored infinity over the years.

https://81018.com/facts/  A working summary of facts about infinity.

https://81018.com/infinity/  To create our best possible world, the concept of infinity needs to be part of our conceptual richness. All possible historic questions about infinity need to be explored.

https://81018.com/questions/  Determining the character, form, and functions of the very first instant of the universe is one the primary keys for understanding science, mathematics, and the meaning and value of life.

https://81018.com/nature/  Infinity is understood to be continuity, symmetry and harmony, light and other dimensionless constants that appear to create a bridge between the finite and infinite.

https://81018.com/lemaitre-today/   A major ongoing investigation of this finite-infinite debate will be the work of theory of Kenneth Wilson with his work to define phase transitions within a scale with known boundary conditions, and also his initiation of the concepts around Wilson’s renormalization group equations and theory.  Also the work of André Petermann (andStueckelberg

https://81018.com/constant/  The Finite and the Infinite:  Dimensionless constants are either finite, infinite, or a bridge between them.


In preparation of the in-depth study of renormalization:

  • The Normalization Group in Quantum Theory, E.C.G. Stueckelberg and A.  Petermann, Helv. Phys. Acta 24, 317 (1951);
  • La Normalisation des Constantes dans la Théorie des Quanta, E.C.G. Stueckelberg and A. Petermann, Helv. Phys. Acta 26, 499 (1953)
  • Quantum Electrodynamics at Small Distances
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  • Introduction to the Teory of Quantized Fields
  • N.N. Bogoliubov and D.V. Shirkov, Interscience Publishers, New York (1959);
  • For an excellent description of the subject see
  • Renormalization and Symmetry: a review for Non-Specialists
    S. Coleman, in Properties of the Fundamental Interactions, Erice 1971, A. Zichichi (ed), Editrice Compositori, Bologna, 605 (1973);
  • Renormalization Group and the Deep Structure of the Proton A. Petermann, Phys. Reports 53, 157 (1979);
  • Renormalization, J.C. Collins, Cambridge University Press, (1984).

See Freeman Dyson