Helen Keller

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” ∼ Helen Keller


“The relation is what is primarily real.”

Continuity (the first face of order) and symmetries (the first face of relations) are principles deep within the foundations of all foundations. These two define the foundations of the infinite and when unfolding within the finite world of space and time, a perfection of symmetries creates harmonies (the first face of dynamics).

Helen Keller was blind and deaf and it took the loving and patient heart of Anne Sullivan to pull her out of the darkness.  She had more than a visceral sense of darkness, yet she learned sequences, the order, the nature, and the meaning of such continuity.  Then she learned relations, particularly that relations are more real than the subject that is experiencing and the object that is providing the inputs for the experience.

A first principle of our project:  There are deep and abiding geometries (relations) that bind everything, everywhere, for all time, within those 201+ notations.

Explanation: Help to uncover the deepest and most-compelling symmetries throughout the universe by working with just our first continuity equation, from the Planck Length to the Observable Universe. In the first notation we doubled the Planck Length. Still so small, it is thought by most to be meaningless. Yet, when we follow scaling laws and dimensional analysis and assume the Planck Length is a vertex, we multiply by 8 so the numbers of vertices increase, 1, 8, 64, 512, 4096, and so on. Complexification could occur rather quickly. By the 20th notation, there are over a quintillion vertices with which to work. There are at least 40 more doublings (or notations or groups or sets) before there is an expression of physicality within measurable space and time. A point-free geometry (Whitehead) and bifurcation theory is assumed (hypothesized, hypostatized and/or instantiated) to give structure and definition to those first 60+ notations. The only evidence of such structure is given within the homogeneity and isotropy throughout our little universe (and within the supersymmetries of particle physics). Thereafter, manifestations of symmetry are actually seen throughout the universe.