Our first formula for the Big Board – little universe Project. Let us call it “Formula #1.”

c=pl:ptFirst posted: May 1, 2016  This report is based on a prior LinkedIn challenge.

Key Questions: Are there formulas that bind all things and all people, everywhere, throughout all time? Can those formulas be found within our charts of the Big Board-little universe? Of course, I thought the answer to both questions is a resounding, “Yes.”

So, on April 25 (2016), I posted the challenge, “Come up with a formula based on the Planck  numbers within the Big Board-little universe project. Of the 1000+ people within that LinkedIn coterie, there were no proposals for formulas.

OK, then,” I thought, “Let me start the process.”

Here is a most simple formula that opens many more questions and harbors a surprise: Divide the exact length anywhere along the Planck Length scale, 1-202, by the corresponding time along the Planck Time scale; the result approximates the speed of light (kilometers per second).

Let’s see if that conjecture bears out. First, consider those numbers along the Planck Time and Planck Length scales that are close to one second. That would be .6011 seconds and 1.202 seconds at notations 143 and 144 respectively.

The first simple calculation: 180,212.316 kilometers divided by 6.011 seconds is 299,804.05257 km/second. It approximates the speed of light.

Within notation 144: 360424.632 kilometers divided by 1.202 seconds is 299,854.103 km/second. The experimentally defined measurement for one light second is 299,792.458 km/second.

When using a more refined measurement, the results naturally change. Dividing by 1.20232257536 seconds (360424.632 kilometers) gives us 299,773.654248 km/second. So, we’ll have to analyze further what happens without an equal number of decimal units for both time and length. At 142nd notation, .300580643 divided by 90,106.158 equals 299,773.655085 and at notation 145, the 720,849.264 divided by ratio 2.404645 is 299,773.673037. At notation 146, the length, 1,441,698.55 km  divided by 4.80929 seconds is 299,773.67761 km per second. How about 100 and 150?  At the 100th notation, the length is 20.4877678 microns divided by .0000000000000683441261472 seconds equals 299,773.644861 km/second.  At  the 150th notation, 23,067,176.8 km divided by 76.948644823 seconds equals 299,773.658822 km/second.

Analysis: Of course, it is not at all surprising that the Planck Time, Planck Length, and the speed of light correlate throughout the chart given that both Planck Time and Planck Length are determined by the speed of light.

What is surprising is that this simple formula corroborates the basic integrity of the chart and base-2 exponentiation and it all begs for further analysis.

So, now let us refine our work on Formula #1 and then find Formula #2.

Every formula within the big bang theory has a place within the Big Board-little universe chart!