Earth Day USA: 1970 to 2023

An Open Email for Earth Day 2023

Thank you, Brenda, for the email on April 18. And, so sorry, Sara, to be less than clear.  In spite of my lack of clarity, you answered my questions very well! Those links were helpful. 

Thanks also for the invite to your Earth Day activities.  I’ll try to be there!

In 1969 in NYC, I was a grad student at the New School for Social Research and got involved with a group, the Fund for New Priorities in America.* With Senators Ed Muskie (ME), Walter Mondale (MN) and Gaylord Nelson (WI),  we organized a Congressional Conference on the Environment that was sponsored by over 100 other Congressional folks. It was a little precursor for the first Earth Day.  And, yes, I even attended that Earth Day in 1970. It has been good and obviously fun, because as is often said, “Time flies when you are having fun” and it all feels just like yesterday.

Now, this web page on the plastics numbers guide — has an image and explanations of Recycle 1-7; I found it very helpful.**  I want to recycle it all. Just tell me how to do it and then let’s tell everyone else where to stash the goods, and then, let’s figure out if how it works economically. 

Excuse me for telling old stories.  I never thought this day would come.

Be well, and thanks again,


*There aren’t too many references to that conference. The link (above) goes to one of Iowa Governor Harold Hughes pages. He was also an Iowa Senator and many of our old papers and correspondence are in his library and on the web!

**I sent a note to those good people who own that webpage. This is what I said: “This page on plastics is too important; please keep improving it. I would even clean up the comments.  Edit them for legibility! Nobody will protest! Let’s push the plastics companies to clean up this gradation of plastics and the economics of each Recycle Number.  Thanks.  – BEC”

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