Cruz, Ramón

Ramón Cruz
National Headquarters
2101 Webster Street Suite 1300
Oakland, CA 94612 USA 415-977-5500

Article: Ramón Cruz Elected First Latino President of the Sierra Club
Video: June 16, 2020

First email: January 23, 2021, 10:57 AM

Dear Ramón:

Our best scholars today seem to be a bit confused about the nature of life, probably because they tend to ignore the universe. Uncle John’s Sierra Club has a great handle on our immediate surroundings. You also have my mother’s “Walk softly.” view of the earth. She was a Girl Scout, camp director and their Nature counselor. That’s all well and good. But we live in a universe that should not be ignored or taken for granted. If we do either, we get confused about space and time. Newton and Hawking were a bit confused about both.  

Take a simple geometric figure, the tetrahedron — and divide the edges by two and connect the new vertices. You can now observe the parts-whole relation. Besides the four little tetrahedrons in each corner, there is an octahedron in the middle. Now if we start to do an infinite regression, go slowly, Within 45 steps, you are down within particle physics. Within 67 more steps you are within the Planck scale. Zeno didn’t know it, but you can’t go any further. That’s Planck Time and Planck Length. That’s the start of it all. Back up on deck, looking at your little 2.35″ original tetrahedron, now multiply the edges by 2. In just 22 steps, you’re out to the International Space Station. Within another 35 steps you are on the edges of the solar system.  In just 33 more doublings, you are out on the edges of the universe witnessing the current expansion. Here’s a little chart:  It is all based on Max Planck, our founder of quantum physics (Nobel 1918) and Einstein’s mentor. 

It’s all natural. No nincompoop. And I thought you would find it of some interest:

Best wishes,



Bruce E. Camber

PS. Just love what you all are doing. Love all that loving each other and the earth. Hopefully, this continuity-symmetry-harmony thing will instill a little more love in your hearts and the world will be a better place….