You Are Warmly Invited To Become Involved.

ChartsBigger than the people working within it.

Yes, this project is much bigger than the people currently working within it. To move this project into high gear, we tried doing a Kickstarter program (December 2015) to raise awareness, to build a larger team (support structure), and to initiate pilot programs in 100 high schools worldwide.

That program did not work out but it has pushed us to find ways for others to participate.

Please come in and test the waters:

Quick History. In teaching a high school geometry class, we backed into developing a teaching tool which bought the students immediately  and deeply within the current debates about the theory of everything. This project, however, is not a theory; it is simple math, simple logic, and an extension of the Planck Base Units. It is a great platform from which to discuss TOEs, to engage the research at CERN in Geneva, and to probe the 2MASS Redshift Survey (2MRS) and other programs within astrophysics.