Five basic concepts to help answer a question:

How did it all start?

Start at Planck Time.

Universe Clock

1. Find continuity.

1-continuityBegins with a sphere.

2. Add Symmetry


 Horizontally-scrolled Chart of 202 Notations


3. Discover harmony.


4. Allow infinity.


∴ no big bang

H-BBT-QE-325Notation-by-notation analysis

Background …

Everything starts simply, and even this project had a simple start back in 1971.

It was reasoned, “If infinity can be redefined in scientific, mathematical, and logical terms, those concepts could open wider, more-reasoned discussions about the very nature of the universe and of life.” It would take another forty years before these concepts would come alive within a simple exponential notation with just 202 doublings from Planck Time.

Those three concepts with many ancillary and derivative values are:

  1. Continuity / order / numbers / time
  2. Symmetry / relations / geometries / space
  3. Harmony / dynamics / all other mathematics and physics/ space-time moments

Hopefully all these pages begin to unfold the meaning and value of these concepts. -BEC