An Open Letter to Audrey Azoulay, DirectorGeneral, UNESCO

Friday, Feb 25, 2022, 11:01 AM

Ms. Audrey Azoulay
Director-General, UNESCO
By email: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Dear Ms. Audrey Azoulay,

The brutality and banality of war is evil.

It is also a worldview that doesn’t work

Our worldviews are too small and fail us. 

Only within a highly-integrated view of the universe might we begin to get it right. Such a thing exists. Surprisingly it all began in a New Orleans high school when the students and teachers went inside a tetrahedron and emerged with a simple chart of the universe with just 202 base-2 notations that started at the Planck scale and went out to the current age and size of the universe.

It has encouraged a kinder and more-gentle definition of the infinite based on the primary facets of pi (π), that is continuity, symmetry, and harmony.

I have engaged many scholars to wrestle with this model. It is difficult because it provides the foundations of physics with an infinitesimal domain that is well-below the thresholds of measurement yet provides a basis to bring the disciplines of Langlands programs, string theory, SUSY, dark matter and dark energy and many others within a relational grid that encapsulates the universe. 

May I keep you informed of our progress? I am currently trying to involve Skoltech (Moscow), Tsinghua (Beijing), and top scholars and schools around the world.

Thank you.

Most sincerely,