Ten reasons to adopt…

A Quiet Expansion a/k/a
The Big Board-little universe and/or
A Mathematically-Integrated View of the Universe

By Bruce Camber, May 2018

Background: In December 2015, a rather playful, somewhat cheeky, end-of-year, countdown article, Top Ten Reasons to give up those little worldviews for a much bigger and more inclusive UniverseView, was written. It was followed in 2016 by an article titled, Simple Logic & Math. There were only five reasons given to adopt what had become dubbed a Quiet Expansion. However, that resulted in an analysis of the Quiet Expansion (as contrasted with the Big Bang theory) and updates of the original Top Ten reasons.

This article is a re-write of it all with the advantage of two more years of reflections. A related article, Ten Reasons to Take The Big Bang Off Life Support And Let It Die a Natural Death, and a homepage were written at the same time.

Ten Reasons: From the most general to the most specific, there are ten reasons to adopt a framework for this universe whereby there is a quiet expansion from the first moment of time to this current moment in time:

  1. Primary assumption is that this universe is defined by the very nature of infinity first manifesting as continuity creating order, and as symmetries creating relations and as harmonies creating dynamics.
  2. To get as close as possible to the essence of this universe, we assume the Planck base units approximate this first manifestation of space-and-time and mass-and-energy. We use base-2 notation or exponentiation —also known as period doubling bifurcation — to go from the Planck base units to the current age and size of the universe in just 202 notations, essentially doubling the four initial Planck units and then the results over and over again. We begin to see the universe in light of Euler’s identity.
  3. This chart of numbers creates a coherent view of everything, everywhere, for all time throughout the universe. We started with simplest geometry, a circle and sphere, here known as planckspheres, and progress to a tetrahedral-octahedral couplet. Though our work began by going deeper and deeper inside that couplet, today we start with notation #1 and slowly attempt to grasp the evolution of this new framework to the current time.
  4. Discover as many as 67 doublings from the Planck scale to first manifestations of measurable physics, particle physics. Those doublings create diverse possibilities for the expansion of basic mathematics which could include a grid for the Langlands programs, a place for consciousness, a map for homogeneity and isotropy, and clarity about dark energy and dark matter.
  5. Space-time and light are redefined such that every notation is always active and involved in the evolution of this universe.
  6. This framework for the universe includes a primarily mathematical definition of the bridge between the finite and the infinite. It opens a mathematical path between the finite and infinite.
  7. This infrastructure creates a simple geometry that tiles and tessellated the entire universe, everything, everywhere, for all time.
  8. Introduces actual predictive numbers for each of the cosmological epochs.
  9. Introduces a mathematical and geometrical basis for values and ethics.
  10. Creates a mathematical and geometrical basis for quantum fluctuations and chaos theory (to be written).

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Author’s note:  This page is not yet a first draft. It is first a working draft in order to get initial feedback.  Your comments and insights are most welcomed.  Contact us.