Alan C. Love,

Alan C. Love
University of Minnesota
Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science

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Agency, Directionality, and Function:
Foundations for a Science of Purpose

Dear Prof. Dr. Alan Love,

Congratulations on your Templeton-sponsored project. Spectacular. That Templeton announcement was among this morning’s email.

Might agency, directionality, and function be built into the very fabric of reality and the universe?  If we assume the very structure of the universe begins with an infinitesimal circle-sphere, what might we learn? 

First, we acknowledge Max Planck (1899) and George Stoney (1874) and their work on natural units. We acknowledge Frank Wilczek (MIT, 2001) and his work to lift up Planck’s natural units and the ensuing twenty years through which Planck Time and  Planck Length have come to be accepted as the “smallest meaningful units” respectively. As such, no longer a hypothetical singularity, those dimensions describe something.

So, we postulated an infinitesimal circle-sphere. Within the sphere, there is a thrust created by the  continuity, symmetry, and harmony of the sphere. If we assume one infinitesimal-archetypal-primordial sphere per unit of Planck Time – Planck Length, our universe begins with a seemingly purposive, self-organizing thrust and everything as we know it follows:

Of course, I would dearly enjoy hearing from you. Again, congratulations on your most important work.