Notations 83 down to 66 (out of 1-to-202)

Please note: From the chart of the four Planck base units, from the first moment to Now.
The first number, the Notation (out of total of 202), is also the number of times the Planck Length has been doubled.
84: 3.1261×10-10 meters
83:  .1563 nanometers or
…….1.5630×10-10 meters
82:  7.81546348×10-11m
81:  3.90773174×10-11m
79:  9.76932936×10-12m
78:  4.88466468×10-12m
77: 2.44233234×10-12m
76: 1.22116×10-12m
75:  6.10583084×10-13m
74:  3.05291542×10-13m
73:  1.52645771×10-13m
72:  7.63228856×10-14m
71:  3.81614428×10-14m
70:  1.9080×10-14 meters
69:  9.54036072×10-15m
68:  4.77018036×10-15m
67:  2.38509018×10-15m
66:  1.19254509×10-15 m
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The image just below is used with permission. It is from a PPT chart, a presentation by physicist, Dr. Emily L. Nurse.  She first gave it as a Masterclass in Manchester University back in 2005Dr. Prof. Nurse is affiliated with University College London, Fermilab in Chicago, and CERN Laboratories, Atlas Project, in Geneva.Atoms