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1-36This project is bigger than the people currently working within it.

To move this project into high gear, we tried doing a Kickstarter program (December 2015) to raise awareness, to build a larger team and support structure, and to initiate pilot programs in 100 high schools across the USA.

That program did not work out but it has pushed us to find ways for others to participate.

Please come in and test the waters:

Founding Contributor: Write. Recommend. Raise awareness. Your voice is heard and you encourage the project to go forward. If you are involved with secondary education, our short term goal is to have 100 high schools adopt the program as a Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) project.
Founding Associate: There are many substantial projects within the larger project. The STEM Education Project will involve at least one person per school. That could be you. The project has been successfully tested with an Advanced Placement sixth-grade class. It has also been used with all ages of high school students (7th-12th grades).
Research Associate: There are just over 201 notations. Each notation will require a team of experts who uniquely understand something about just one notation. We invite scholars and perpetual research students to help.

In teaching a high school geometry class, we backed into developing a teaching tool to bring students deeply within the current debates about the theory of everything.

This project, however, is not a theory. It is simple math, simple logic, and an extension of the Planck Base Units. It is a great platform from which to discuss TOEs, to engage the research at CERN in Geneva, and to probe the 2MASS Redshift Survey (2MRS) and other programs within astrophysics.