On being introduced to the work of Edward Tufte…

Edward Tufte, Professor Emeritus,
Political Science, Statistics, and Computer Science
Yale University, New Haven, CT

Articles: Fermilab, 2014, Edward Tufte –Data Visualization Pioneer, Kate Strachnyi, 2019; NPR, 2013
Books: Envisioning Information, Visual Explanations, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, 2006
Homepage: Yale

First email: Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Dear Prof. Dr. Edward Tufte:

I opened an old folder this morning to find a mailing from you. It is more important to me today than in 1996 so I sent a tweet, but do we ever see tweets?  I suspect not. Yet, in that tweet I said something like, “In 2011 we encapsulated everything-everywhere-for-all-time into 202 base-2 notations from the Planck time to this day: https://81018.com/chart/

That chart is hardly a visualization. But with your encouragement, I am focusing on it now.

For those scholars whose work I’ll be referencing, I start a page about your work: https://81018.com/tufte/. I’ll be working on it for the next few days. If you want anything changed, deleted or updated, let me know.

Thanks for all that you’ve done and all that you are doing., I hope Yale is keeping your email alive. That’s the least they can do!



Tweet: December 22, 2021

@EdwardTufte “Is he still alive?” I was revisiting your mailing to me from January 1996. In 2011 we encapsulated everything-everywhere-for-all-time into 202 base-2 notations from the Planck scale to this day. https://81018.com/chart/

Let’s make it visual! https://81018.com/tufte/ (this page)