2018 Official State of the Union Survey

Background:  I would never vote for Hillary (and Bill). Their legacy is too dark and their arrogance is too deep.  I voted for Donald Trump because he knew the deep state, it appears that he is not part of it, and he thought he could do something about it with his verbiage to “Drain the swamp.”

Here are the 28 questions and my answers to his survey to prepare for the State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 30, 2018.

  1. Do you approve of the job done by President Donald J. Trump?
    Answer: If he could show a higher level of respect for all people, I would say “Yes” without reservation.
  2. Are you happy with the current state of the economy?
    Answer:  If we were actively addressing our over-spending and debt, I would be able to say yes.
  3. Do you feel the agenda you voted for is being implemented?
    Answer: The most important issue is our debt and overspending. We are a global role model that should not be emulated when it comes to spending and carrying debt.  The debt burden is overwhelming. (That you, George Bush and Barack Obama.)
  4. Do you feel the mainstream media is actively working against the Trump Administration?
    Answer: Yes and No. The mainstream media are struggling within a very small mindframe. They need a bigger vision of this world; they actually need a vision of an integrated universe. We’ve been wrong for over 300 years. http://81018.com
  5. Do you approve of the tax cuts and reform package?
    Answer: Only when there is an active thrust within the nation to balance the budget, reduce the debt, and get more creative and energized to make this world a better place.
  6. Are you satisfied with President Trump’s efforts to revitalize American manufacturing?
    Answer: Yes and No:  Business is powerful. Making things that first originated within our minds is powerful. It is a road to a more perfect world. Everyone needs to be pulling everyone along. Greed is great and growing. We need a manufacturing model that sees itself as part of a whole thrust to make our world a better place. A deep respect for employees, town-gown, and one’s industry are necessary.  https://81018.com/foundations
  7. Do you approve of the job creation under President Trump?
    Answer: Yes and No.  The key of keys, here the value created is greater than the costs. The world has got to understand that equation. You can be a better teacher for us in the USA and for all others throughout the world.
  8. Do you believe a wall must be constructed along the Southern border? 

    Answer: A highly-variegated, highly-technical “wall” whereby as often as possible it is a full three-miles wide where we run a high-speed transport connection with solar, hydrogen, water, and electrical grid resources from one coast to the other. It needs to be part of the military but completely supported by the commerce that it creates.
  9. Do you agree with President Trump’s decision to remove the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord?
    Answer: Yes & No. We should never cut off our nose to spite our face.  You can ratchet things down and still be standing amongst the scared to keep them focused on new possibilities.
  10. With regard to foreign policy, do you believe President Trump is putting U.S. interests first?
    Answer. Yes and No.  Our primary foreign policy interest is a peaceful world. All criticisms of other nations should be a focus from that vantage point, nothing else. We need to lift up the best within every nation, citing the best examples over their worst behaviors.
  11. Are you satisfied with the gains made against ISIS under President Trump? 
    Answer: Yes and No. Nobody should really want to kill another person. It’d be better to convert such people (who are targeted for death) to an integrated view of the universe whereby their deeper creativity is empowered and they begin to make the world a better place. https://81018.com/values  That message needs to be sent with every summary about ISIS and anywhere else in the world where killing others is authorized.
  12. Are you pleased that under President Trump, the U.S. is no longer shipping pallets of cash to the Iranian regime? Yes.
  13. Do you support President Trump’s restriction on immigration from terrorism-compromised countries? Yes.
  14. Do you agree with President Trump that we must END chain migration? Yes.
  15. Do you agree that U.S. citizenship is a PRIVILEGE and should only be extended to the best and brightest candidates, after an extremely rigorous screening process? Yes.
  16. Do you agree with President Trump that “sanctuary cities” are in violation of U.S. law, i.e. ILLEGAL?  YES.
  17. Are you happier with President Trump’s first year than Obama’s? YES.
  18. Do you agree with President Trump’s decision to rebuild our military and invest in American defense?  YES.
  19. Do you agree with President Trump’s tough stance on North Korea?
    Answer: Yes and No.  The North Korean is a child with childish fantasies and a horrific sense of others.  Every statement to him should be basked with lessons for children.  He needs to be sent children’s books in Korean so he can slowly learn to become human.
  20. Do you agree with President Trump that we must be much TOUGHER on terrorism and potential/convicted terrorists? 
    Answer: Yes and No. Only if “Tougher” means teaching them that they are wrong —  ethically, morally, intellectually, and religiously — they have to hear it every time.
  21. Do you agree with President Trump that the U.S. must renegotiate trade deals that hurt Americans? Yes.
  22. Do you agree with President Trump’s emphasis on rebuilding America’s aging infrastructure? Yes.
  23. Do you support President Trump’s efforts to address the opioid crisis? Yes.
  24. Do you agree with President Trump’s unwavering commitment to, and respect for, our incredible veterans and TROOPS? Yes.
  25. Do you believe that President Trump is restoring America’s standing in the world? Yes.
  26. Are you content with President Trump’s record appointments of justices to the Supreme Court? Yes.
  27. Do you agree that President Trump is taking our country in the RIGHT DIRECTION? 
    Answer: Yes and No.  With just one year in office, we all know that the US Presidency is the biggest bully pulpit in the world. With a firmness and gentleness and love-in-his-heart, he needs to become a better teacher of the highest principles within humanity. Alway, always a teacher.
  28. Do you have any other thoughts on the current state of our union that you believe the President must address before the nation?
    Answer: I have stated several thoughts within each of the “Other” answers.  These issues are the most important for the future of this country and our little world.   Thank you.