Trinity University

President Dr. Danny Anderson, President
Prof. Dr. Coleen Grissom, Dean of Students
Prof Dr. David Tuttle, Associate Dean of Students
San Antonio, Texas

Background: In October 2019, a firestorm erupted on the campus of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.  The student government refused to fund the request of a conservative group because the speaker, Heather Mac Donald, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and best-selling author has criticized the merits of  diversity.

Tuesday, 30 October 2019 @ 6:08 PM

Dear President Dr. Danny Anderson, Prof. Dr. Coleen Grissom, and Prof Dr. David Tuttle:

You all are brilliant and doing a most credible job keeping the lid
on within an impossible situation. Congratulations for your tenacity
and humor and honor.

The Trinity is alive.

BUT, Keep Stirring This Pot… simmering just below the boil.
Get all the faculty involved. Lead the real revolution to break free
of little worldviews and evolve into a highly-integrated mathematical
view of the universe.  It’ll take a sustained effort. There are just
202 base-2 notations (doublings) from the first instance of our universe
(Planck Time) to its size and age (13.81+ billion years) today.
Follow the logic:

We all need a better understanding of the foundations of values and ethics.
One begins to grasp both when we begin to internalize the fact that our universe
has a continuity equation that reaches back to the very first instant in time.
Just follow the numbers:

Continuity releases a deeper sense of order.

We all need a better understanding of relations. Every relation is a ratio;
each requires balance or a symmetry. Every relation is sacred and needs to be
preserved and enhanced.Let the circles be unbroken:

Real relations keep growth alive through every kind of transition.
And, finally, we all need to be creating various harmonies. Every
harmony opens greater dynamics and these open our deepest possible
connections to the universe. So, let us extend all of our little
worldviews to an integrated view of the Universe!

Yes, this too should not pass, but evolve and become an even bigger thing,
yes, an access path to our universe and an integrated view of the universe:

Best wishes to you all.

Most sincerely,