Times Literary Supplement, September 5, 2018

Date: Monday, 10 September 2018
RE: The Lucasian Overlords of Thought

Letter to the Editors
Time Literary Supplement

Dear lovely people with great intentions:

We spend so much of our time searching for a deeper truth.

What if we’ve been thrown off because Leibniz died
before his debate with Newton was fully engaged?
Although Newton was rather sure of himself, there
remained a possibility that a deeper thought might
have been triggered overriding absolute space and time.

Whenever a group of us look up into the dark, clear night sky,
invariably somebody says, “It goes on forever.” That’s Newton
whispering in our ear. Most of the world’s people have listened.

what if it goes only as far as the current expansion?
PlanckTimeWhat if infinity is on the so-called other side of the expansion?

What if space and time are derivative of light as Max Planck’s simple formula for time suggests?


what if “…infinitely small, infinitely hot, infinitely dense point...” is wrong?
What if it all began quite simply with the four Planck base units and all their dimensionless constants, and those units doubled, then doubled again and again?

In just over 202 doublings the age and size of the universe begin to emerge.

I didn’t know that until just recently, did you?
There is so much we all don’t know and some of it is just common sense
(and that article — linked above — by Guy Longworth prompted this letter).

We all need to consider the influences of two Lucasian professors,
Sir Isaac and Prof. Dr. Stephen Hawking,
as they slowly became the overlords of our thought
and the arbiters of common sense.

What if they’re wrong?

Most sincerely,
Bruce Camber
Austin, Texas

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