Cognitive Dissonance: What is reality?

Going from dissonance to logic

by Bruce Camber( This article is still pre-first draft.)  (Your comments are still always welcomed.)

Perhaps that headline should read, “Logic should dictate… but cognitive dissonance works against adopting a different point of view, especially if it seems divorced from the realities within which our commonsense worldviews developed.”

Cognitive dissonance [1] is a relatively new concept (1957). It is a good one to grasp. It is all about our discomforts from holding contradictory beliefs. It leads to denial, even the denial of science, truth, insight and the infinite.

Key Question: How can there be so many radically different belief systems in this world? What are we missing? What separates us so fundamentally into groups of belief systems? How can diametrically opposed belief systems occupy such a small space (the globe)?

If each of us creates our own “really-real” reality — it is hypostatized — is there a “really-real” universe? I say there is; and given how confused and mean-spirited and distrustful everybody is getting, we had better figure it out quickly.

Today’s conspiracy theories overlap disinformation and delusions. The worldwide web puts it all out there as if it is all true. The result is that it redefines cognitive dissonance. When surfing the web, very few of us are able to break through to a truth that begins to integrate the plausible data and discards the impossible data.

When I heard national television commentators talking about the The Deep State and shadow governments, I knew that conspiracy theories had finally made it into the public square. Wow, from Bernie Sanders to Rush Limbaugh, blog after blog had something to say. It was mind-boggling. I actually sent a “thank you” note to Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. Though not perfect, Wikipedia is a consensus-building platform where the truth struggles to wiggle out between the lines.

If there is a Deep State controlled by groups like the Bilderberg, our models — of who we are and what our universe is — are so incomplete, even relatively sophisticated people are confused. At this point, we are all edging closer and closer to a nervous breakdown.

Four Major Dissonance-Creating Energies
1. Politics:  Power and Money
The division between political parties within any country in the world is a nightmare of cognitive dissonance. Who knows what truth is?

We were told as young adults to avoid discussing politics or religion within social settings, “Those topics spark arguments.” Our never-ending history of wars-and-conflicts confirm our parent’s advice. Politics, the control of power and money, is so seductive, throughout recorded history, people lie-cheat-and-steal to get it. Just watch the House of Cards.

The iconic paradigm of  Perhaps if we break free of limited worldviews and adopt an integrated universe view. Geopolitical worldviews hold us back personally, academically, and scientifically. Though in its earliest stages of development, I believe an integrated universe view opens the way for a such a compelling new perspective of space and time,  our definition of who we are and of the nature of the finite-infinite relation will fundamentally shift.  If our commonsense logic were to accept as fact that every action, word, thought and deed is encoded within the universe such that it changes the very flavor and texture of the universe, we just might begin to change our behavior.

As we more deeply understand this nascent universe view, it seems a very possible scenario. This integrated universe is relatively new. If it works with most all existing science (of course, except the big bang theory),  why not explore ways to see if it can make a difference?

2. Religion: The Finite/Infinite Debate
All religions have their share of fanatics. Unfortunately, the fanatical beliefs among radical Islam require violent actions for most infidels or non-believers. So, we must ask everyone, “Who is your God? How do you know God?

If one wants to know the infinite, one needs to know and study all things that are infinite starting with the most simple never-repeating, never-ending number, Pi. The Islamic faith has a great respect for geometry and numbers. Within an integrated universe view, these numbers and geometries necessarily beget behaviors that have continuity and symmetry. That changes everything.

Within our work on an integrated universe view, continuity is the bedrock of the infinite. Discontinuity is the bedrock of the finite. Symmetries are the dimensional expression of  the infinite; asymmetries the very nature of the finite.  More to come…

Respect for life qua life and people qua people. Dissonance is created where there is only respect given within very particular beliefs.  By definition any worldview is limited and does not necessarily begin to understand the nature of time (history is always active), the deep dynamics of universals, and the very nature of life itself. No human can claim absolute infinite access to the infinite.  Even science is limited. Much more to come…

3. Cosmogony / Cosmology: The Beginning and the Status of Space and Time
Prof. Dr. Steven Hawking  promulgates one of the most fundamental pieces of disinformation that opens the world to a nihilism and that begets cognitive dissonance. The big bang theory is still a theory until something better comes along. The simple logic of an integrated universe view is better. It encapsulates the epochs of the big bang with a natural inflation. There is no need for a bang or its nihilism.  Infinity does always have to be renormalized. Yet, Hawking and the academic-scientific community hold on to it because they believe it and have been defending it for over 40 years. Although the theory has been around for 90 years, it doesn’t make it true.

I wrote to Hawking, “You know better than anyone that continuity and symmetry are the bedrocks of logic, mathematics, and physics. However, for the past 100 years we’ve been focused on particles, not the mathematics of continuity. Of course, there are continuity equations from the Planck scale to the Age of the Universe using base-2, base-10 or any other base. But base-2 is most organic. And, organic is good.

“In the chart of that progression — — you can follow how the simple logic of continuity applied here creates a lovely simulation program that mimics the big bang epochs yet through an all-natural, organic inflation. Cognitive dissonance works against accepting its simplicity, especially in light of all our years of an ever-so intense study of particles.  Much more to come…

4. Thou Shalt Not Lie

Liars lie and cheaters cheat. Every lie creates cognitive dissonance.
This page is part of our analysis of cognitive dissonance which began on March 11, 2017.

Metalogic, metalanguage, metamathematics.