Touching story…

Dear Bill and Heathyr –

Thank you for sharing that wonderful, touching story about the “Elephant Whisperer.”

And it is a truism that we are deeply and fundamentally related, all of us, as brothers and sisters, and as fellow inhabitants of an extremely small planet within a rather small universe. [Editor’s note: Link goes to the first chart put online to present this data.]

Last December I substituted for a nephew’s five high school geometry classes. Though I know the subject a little, this was their last day before the Christmas break. I knew that the kids would be “off the walls.” I needed few props. At that time, using base-2 exponential notation, we developed the Big Board – little universe where there are just 202.34 steps from the smallest possible measurement, the Planck length, to the largest possible measurement, the edges of the observable universe. The first 60 steps have been relatively unexplored by the scientific community. Here simple geometries relate us all in a very-finely structured, very-simple universe where Infinity can readily stake a claim on anybody’s heart, soul, and being.

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