Sofia Vergara

 by Bruce Camber, Tuesday, December 13, 2016

There is a sense of urgency to have our work critically reviewed.  We have approached many scholars, some who truly understand the limitations of the big bang theory. These special people have also been introduced to our work to make an integrated Universe View work.  At a certain point, rather consistently, each has fallen quiet. At first, I thought that we’re nobody from nowhere special and we probably have too many  simplistic errors; it is just not  worth their time to respond further. Our work is idiosyncratic and looks a bit like crackpottery.  I understand.  The forty-year investment into big bang cosmology has given the industry some assurance that it is right. Anything that challenges it is easily brushed aside. However, forty years from now, I believe big bang cosmology  will look like crackpottery primarily because it  has no ordering system.

Actually, I am coming to think that the reason we have no real critical reviews or suggestions is the enormity of the challenge. Perhaps my imagination working overtime, but it seems you could almost hear a few of these people thinking, “This approach just may be right.”

Those people who have  been receiving updates on our progress all know that this project originated in a high school. They may also know, even better than we do, that this work opens a very real window on a new view of the universe. They have spent the last forty years, sometimes defending the big bang theory, sometimes attempting to build on it, and sometimes working around it. Here is something simple and easy to understand. And, academia, all of our wonderful scholars, had just overlooked it.

It is embarrassing and humbling; I am not sure how that will all finally break open. Even after many articles have been turned down for publication, I’ll continue working that avenue, trying to improve my writing and depth of knowledge, but at the same time we’ll try other approaches.

This appeal to Sofia Vergara is obviously a radically different approach. Some of the very smartest people among us are those who have become mega-stars. Not just because of their raw talent, and their audacity, acumen, and tenacity, but also for their brilliance. Some of these people are very, very smart.  We will entreat them to become a spokesperson for Big Board-little universe Project. They could open up this discussion immediately. They could influence the direction of this world immediately.

Click on the image to go to the homepage that expands on this picture. In the top right, in a script that is difficult to read, it says:  “Dear Sofia –  You could be a great spokesperson for an integrated view of the universe. The larger the view, the more peaceful the person.”  Then just below her picture it says,  “Leading people like you could be promoting leading concepts that help people become better people. Would you read this page just to see if it makes any sense to you?  If it does, and you would like to know more, I would be delighted to talk with you. -BEC.”  Notice within that image, she has 64.7 million followers. What a discussion she could start!