Tweet to Shakira, January 6, 2020


@shakira Empowering the very best within all people is a great goal, yes, in spite of it all, you’re a good soul; it’s game day. Inspire us, fire us, to find a new way to see; the key, the key, everybody – everything is related to everybody-and-everything. Whatever we say-or-do-or-think affects everything everywhere for all time. Yes, this world is forever turning within a tiny universe.

Empower the best, there’s no game rest.
Find a new way to see, and turn the key:
“Everybody, everything is related to everybody, everything.”
“Whatever we say-do-or-think affects everything, everywhere for all time.”
Not only is the world forever turning; everything is turning –
the earth, the Solar System, and the Milky Way,
all within our Local Group, and within the Virgo Supercluster
within a tiny universe of just 202 basse-2 notations!