A basic problem within our sciences

by Bruce Camber, Saturday, 12 August 2017

A problem within the sciences today is that there is no integrated system of knowledge and there are many silos of information that appear to be totally unrelated. A novel system evolved in December 2011 from work within a high school geometry class in the New Orleans area. Using simple math — multiplying by 2 — this scale of the universe begins with the Planck units — Time, Length, Mass and Charge — and goes out to the current time, all within just 202 notations.

This power of 2, just successive doublings, is also known as base-2 exponentiation. Apparently it is just too simple for most of the scientific and scholarly community. Back in the 1960s the concept of a big bang finally took root. After some forty years of competing with other theories, enormous energies were harnessed to further develop and solve the many enigmatic conceptual problems that the big bang instantiates.

Criticism of the base-2 model has been slow to come. The most-pointed comment, more like a catcall, was “idiosyncratic.” Of course, this theory is idiosyncratic; it flies in the face of two historically dominant theories, the big bang and Newton’s absolute space and time (interesting that both start with the Lucasian professorship at Cambridge University, England).

The most-recent article
,  based on an analysis of just six sets of numbers from the 202 sets, begins to demonstrate the voracity of this scale of the universe. Also, an article is being prepared to explain more deeply the natural inflation laid out within our model (chart). Whenever you are on this site, that chart is just one click away. It is always on the top navigation bar as “81018” and usually there  are several links to it from within any of our articles.

This particular website began in September 2016. The first homepage and all the subsequent homepages are easily explored by placing your cursor over “HOME” in the top navigation bar. Prior to initiating this site in September 2016, the effort was known as the Big Board – little universe project. Today, that site will focus primarily on work within high schools and secondary schools. Now, prior to that site, thoughts and reflections were spread out all around the web! The very first pages in January 2012 were part of a business site that started in 1994 to support our television series (PBS-TV and VOA-TV), Small Business School.

We will continue to sharpen and focus these efforts and explanations. Obviously, your comments, insights, affirmations, and especially your criticisms, are all very welcomed. Thank you. -BEC


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