Key Insight #9:

•  Never-ending, never-repeating spheres is a finite-infinite bridge.

•  Those dimensionless constants defining Planck base units are also finite-infinite bridges.

First draft as of October 26, 2019

One of the more controversial subjects addressed here; it is even difficult for many of our finest scholars. We faced the subject head-on back in February 2018.  We are not enamored by those who arrogantly hold their positions as the penultimate because, although we have no stature, we think our ideas and insights are worthy of consideration.  Here is another  homepage that focuses on this subject.

An earlier homepage (2016) also considered the subject.

We are no strangers to the debate. But, because we are willing to redefine the infinite in terms that mathematics uses (and we redefine time), we think there is a chance that our conclusions are in the ball park. Possibly they’re good! Continuity/Order Symmetry/RelationHarmony/Dynamics  Why not?

The incommensurables, the transcendentals, and the irrational numbers come alive throughout the 202 notations within equations that define everything-everywhere-throughout-all-time plus these numbers are non-ending and non-repeating. None are finite. We reserved the definition of the word, infinite, for them. These numbers are marked by continuity (never-ending) and a symmetry (always the same) and asymmetry (never-repeating). Two additional classes of numbers, fundamental physical constants and mathematical constants, add dimensionality to the definition of these bridges.  

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