Key Insight #8:

Doublings (emergence) begin with sphere stacking and the thrust within those base units.

Sphere to tetrahedron-octahedron coupletThis key image (right) is associated with close-packing of equal spheres or cubic-close packing and it has been used over and over again within this website.  There is even a special page just to study doublings. It is a key concept for this website and for the entire project. If this image is fallacious in some manner of speaking, this project will die.

We associate the image  with a fundamental symmetry in the universe.

Our recipe on how-to start to make our universe was first introduced to the web in July 2018.  All of this work is currently being poked and prodded. The very first time this image was used was in an exploration to find the most fundamental numbers. That wasn’t initiated until January 2016.

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