Key Insight #7:

The basic four Planck units manifest within space-time as spheres.

In a prior article it was said, “4An infinitesimal sphere: The first manifestation of physicality” There are many articles throughout the website about the nature of the sphere. Both Max Planck and Wheeler anticipated the smallest possible three-dimensional sphere. It makes building that unified theory of mathematics a bit easier. It gives substance to Causal Dynamical Triangulations (CDT), Regge calculus, fractal structure, 2-D spacetime, and the flavors of the simplex. It introduces stacking and doubling where each of the CDT expressions can be included at an appropriate doubling.

Planckspheres, dimensionless constants, doublings…
Planckspheres, quantum foam, and related ideas
Perhaps John Wheeler’s “Quantum Foam” would better be understood as “Planck spheres.”
Symmetry: Circles-to-Spheres-to-Triangles-to-Tetrahedrons-to-Octahedrons
Circles and spheres
Pi: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028…
Pi Day: 3.14

Pi is an intimate part of so many fundamental equations that define out universe.

It is as simple as it is mystifying. It’s everybody’s favorite. But perhaps most importantly, a sphere is enormously satisfying.

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