Key Insight #12:

Basic concepts like dark energy and dark matter can be addressed.
Even old concepts like a “point” can be revisited.

First draft as of October 26, 2019:  There is much more to come. The originating page of the twelve insights is a structure within which to continue to organize, consolidate and edit many pages that have struggled with these concepts over the years.

One of the purposes of this website is to look at long-standing concepts and ask, “Is it the best possible understanding of that concept especially in light of an integrated view of the universe?”

When looking at dark matter and dark energy, as well as isotropy and homogeneity, the quiet expansion seems to give roots to all four concepts:
Dark Matter & Dark Energy may not be so mysterious after all.

Even the concept of a point can be redressed:
What is a point? Where is a point? Why is a point a point?

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