Pegg, David

David Pegg, Journalist

As part of our effort to discern the Top Numbers of Key Importance within our little universe for The Big Board-little universe Project, we studied the top 25 list of David Pegg, a reporter at The Guardian in England.

Twitter:  @davidtpegg   PGP key from MIT is here.

Of all his top 25 numbers only these are considered:

25.  Pi
Irrational, non-repeating and non-terminating number

24. Euler’s number:  2.718
Irrational, non-repeating and non-terminating number

23. Euler constant

22. Feigenbaum constant: 4.6692
Mitchell Feigenbaum in 1975

19.  0

18.  1

16. The Golden Ratio: 1.6180339887

15.  About number “5”  he says, “According to Pythagoras, the number 5 was the perfect number of human microcosm. Aristotle also added a 5th element to the 4 elements of ancient Greek studies and called it Ether, which has become the basis for most of the spiritual practices of the ancient alchemists. It also has some spiritual significance and symbolism in other cultures, including the Chinese and Japanese Buddhists. This number has also become the basis of discordianism, a jocular pseudo religion popularized by Robert Anton Wilson, which believed that everything that happens in the universe has a connection to 5 or a multiple of five.”