Novella, Steven

Scientists, critical thinkers, and skeptics can and should be completely open-minded, which means being open to the evidence and logic whatever it says. If the evidence supports a view, then we will accept that view in proportion to the evidence.”

-Steven Novella, The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe.

Steven P. Novella, MD

Yale University School of Medicine

New Haven, Connecticut 06519

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All of our beliefs are open to revision: When new data comes in, or maybe just a better way of interpreting data or looking at the way things work, we have to be open to revising what we thought we knew.” – Steven Novella, Great Courses

First Email: Friday, January 18, 2019

Dear Prof. Dr. Steven Novella:

We are in such a strange place, perhaps you can discourage or encourage us.

What if simple mathematics and logic fly in the face of a major accepted theory? Of course, you go back and look at the origins of both (big bang cosmology and our nascent Quiet Expansion, a natural inflation  and integrated-mathematical view of the Universe).

In this example, the general acceptance of our mathematics only began in 2001. Recognition of our Planck base units is younger than the big bang cosmology. That ostensibly began in 1927. Although the initial work on the Max Planck’s mathematics goes back in 1899, it was Frank Wilczek (MIT, Nobel laureate, 2004) who “legitimized” Planck’s calculations.

In 2011, in a high school geometry class, we took Max Planck’s base units; and using our base-2 geometries that went back to those numbers, we just doubled the Planck numbers over and over again until we had reached the age and size  of the universe. It was a rather novel STEM tool that ordered the universe from the first moment of time until the current expansion, all within the 202 notations or doublings.

The first 144 notations ( going up to first second of the universe) gave us  a totally new look at the infinitesimal universe based solely on logic and  mathematics, but this natural inflation just doesn’t fit big bang cosmology.

What do we do?  We’re just high school people. All the big guns just ignore us! We need some guidance to get off this simple math-logic track and a good  logician to tell us when math and logic do not work!

Warm regards,