We arrived on Saturday, November 24, 2018 at about 2 PM. Guided by a delightful person, James, who introduces us to this place alongside the ocean.

First challenge: Sometimes just finding the entrance to your home can be difficult… we turned into the service area for the building! That’s just the way it happens. We’re here to serve aren’t we?

Next challenge: Arriving in a new space with the contents of your car in a luggage trolley with two new faces and many first impressions… it is never easy.

The smoke detectors are saying hello. An intermittent chirp seems to be coming from at least three of those circular sensorials. So we tip the luggage trolly fellow his 10 and chat with James about the lay of this land.

First things first, we feed the birds. A new battery pack of 12Vs do the job (leaving three for backups). They’re happy.

Yes, and then, feed the people. There is a Papa Johns. The Works 12″ pizza is fine for two. Unpacking, settling in and setting up systems is a series of what-ifs and what-woulds. Oops, looks like there is no pressure for the hot water. With any one of the three faucets, it is just dripping. I’ll think about that tomorrow.