November 30: Reflections on the meaning and value of life

Day by day with Hattie and Bruce on the path to their new home in Nashville
As they do their daily work, Hattie on end-of-life decision making and
Bruce on a highly-integrated, mathematical model of the universe,
they reflect on life around Miami and on events within our world.

Friday, November 30, 2018 at 6:23 AM there is drama in the morning sky…
What wonderful artwork so early in the morning. Wandering between the seen and the imagined, seconds change things. There is a metaphor for life here, that I am sure.

It is a show of color, dazzling color, to awaken the senses and say, “Hello!”

We took a little break and went over to Donald Soffer’s Aventura Mall and then to Kip Tindell’s The Container Store (nearby the Pegasus and Dragon, a 100-foot tall steel and bronze statue in Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach. At the mall, Hattie momentarily found herself surrounded by a security team of eight, all relatively close, plus I observe at least four more out on the perimeters. We guessed the man must be an heir-apparent of a family’s nation or multi-billion-dollar business. The image search using Google and Bing was interesting but not helpful. …maybe you can identify him for us.

One cannot help but see him. My guess is that this man stands about seven feet tall.