December 6: Reflections on the meaning and value of life

Day by day with Hattie and Bruce on the path to their new home in Nashville
As they do their daily work, Hattie on end-of-life decision making and
Bruce on a highly-integrated, mathematical model of the universe,
they reflect on life around Miami and on events within our world.

December 6, 2018. A Classic Start

6:29 AM  A sweet glow announcing a new day.Dec6-18-1

6:53 AM Cloud creep and expansion. You know the sun is burning its backside.


6:58 AM How different a close-up and five minutes make!Dec6-18-2.jpg

7:15 AM Vacationing people rejoice. It’ll be a day in the sun at 74 degrees!


Who knows what any day will bring?  Tomorrow I will formally move the next homepage into the default position so when anyone comes to, they’ll be seeing a page that has been in development for the past two weeks. At about 2:30 PM, we decided to make the loop down to Bal Harbor and back up to the Ace Hardware near the Aventura Mall on Route 1. Our little efforts to tighten things up around the unit continue.  The seal between the kitchen sink and counter had all but evaporated and water had been collecting in the storage area underneath.  Oops.  A little DAP Kwik Seal Ultra will take care of that. So after dinner, when the sink will have at least four hours of no use, I went to work on it.

(This is the easy part — cleaning out what remains of the old. Inserting the sealant is a little messy.
Tightening the sink up to squeeze the sealant into that seam (pushes it out as well).
The messy part is cleaning that all up. It has to be done expeditiously before it starts to dry.