December 5: Reflections on the meaning and value of life

Day by day with Hattie and Bruce on the path to their new home in Nashville
As they do their daily work, Hattie on end-of-life decision making and
Bruce on a highly-integrated, mathematical model of the universe,
they reflect on life around Miami and on events within our world.

December 5, 2018, a day to celebrate the life of George Herbet Walker Bush

Dec 5-2018-Sun.jpg

Just who are these people? Do we know?
The television has been tuned to the events surrounding the Bush family and their service to the nation. Events like this  bring people physically together, and sometimes emotionally together. There is so much work to be done with the people who attended, especially among the living presidents and their spouses.

Hattie continues her editing of all the supplementary materials such as the CD jackets and labels. It seems never ending, but clearly she is standing in the light at the end of this tunnel.

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