At one time, a simple “Contact” page was all that was needed.  No more.

Instant access to other ways to connect are now expected!

Email: The old standard has also been widely abused so many emails get quickly sifted down “below the fold” and are never read.

Facebook:  The company has had serious growth issues and has had to mature. I grew up hearing the phrase, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Having bought out many of its possible competitors, Zuckerberg and his people got a little too headstrong, even disrespectful of the breadth and depth of their client base.  We engage them carefully.


Telephone:  The really old standard has become so abused, people no longer answer their telephone unless you are on their call list and it comes up with your name in the caller ID.

Twitter: Much like Facebook, there are clear growing pains. We are all imperfect and we all suffer from imperfect judgments. The miracle of the USA is that democracy helps to soften the hard edges of our most harsh judgments.