Open letter: a note to my sister and brother

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Dear Val and Bob,

I think we are on the right path:
Perhaps Hattie is the only other person to think so.

Yet, it has become clear to me from working on that article,
Measuring An Expanding Universe Using Planck Units (still a rough draft
at 1:21 AM this morning), the big bang theory, with a little luck,
may be challenged with an alternative model of the universe.

I have already invited Stephen Hawking and his cohort to take a look.
It is hard to getting anybody to look at anything these days, especially
if it is based on logic, continuity, symmetry, and simplicity.

The homepage article will always be an exploration of the issues: My next task is attempt to do an even deeper analysis.

I think my brother and sister ought to be the first to know
that your younger brother may be heading down a rather different
path. I actually believe that these concepts could open a new door
to openness itself! Most crises are derivative of worldviews that
narrowly focused on wrong or unjustified conclusions.

Onward and upwards,

PS. The unjustified conclusions are historical statements that are inherently unethical,
solipsistic, often narcissistic, nihilistic and/or dystopian.