first draft

by Bruce E. Camber

A first draft is just beyond “In Process.” It is no longer a daily consideration. It’s beginning to stand on its own; but certainly, it is not a finished work. There are very few such pages within this website. On most pages you will find the date that the work was started and another date for the most recent update. By the time a piece of work has become a first draft, several new articles will have been proposed simply within the process of getting an article to stand on its own and to become what I consider to be my first draft.

The relatively primitive web analytics for this site at least lists those pages that have been visited within a given day. Upon reviewing that list, quick judgments are made. If a page is not remembered or it has been a long time since visiting it, that page will be reviewed and usually there will be a few updates. So, yes, even though a page may become a first draft, it is still being reviewed, edited, and sometimes further developed.

So, I hope you understand why there is always, “More to come…