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@emilydugan Eventually the web will eliminate these middle people who pop up and slither around in so many ways. A new model of who we are and why will help. We've missed the the most important part of our beingness -- the infinitesimal from the Planck units to particles-waves-fluctuations.

Note: In 1899 Max Planck did the calculations for “natural units” of space, time, matter, and energy. Largely ignored by the intelligentsia, it took a Nobel laureate to write about these special numbers in 2001 before getting traction within the scholarly circles.  Max essentially was building on the work of scholar-scientist, George Johnstone Stoney, who formulated natural units in 1874.

@emilydugan. The infinitesimal from the Planck units to particles-waves-fluctuations needs deeper analysis. Hawking missed those foundations and reinforced the big bang. See https://81018.com/duped -- to review our three worst intellectual shortcomings (also involves Newton and Aristotle!).

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I love the openness of Guardian writers who put their email address on their Twitter accounts. It is intellectually out there!  Congratulations for being a pioneer in the city!

A backgrounder on me is here: https://81018.com/bec/. Just slugging along….

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PS. On ethics: Why its important to acknowledge and get our infinitesimal foundations in place: https://81018.com/nihilism/ Thanks. -BEC