A letter to a friend from high school

Dear Ed,

Have I sent you two a copy of “I’ll Have It My Way“?
It is a book by my wife, Hattie Bryant. She has transitioned
from best practices from our television series (over 50 seasons
on PBS-TV),  Small Business School, to end-of-life issues.
Her website is:  http://IllHaveItMyway.com

If you do not have a copy, you might appreciate it.
If it is OK with you, I’ll send it to you.  The book came out
late last year and is now into its second edition and third
printing. She has become the darling of the palliative care
medical community and the Chief Medical Officers of hospitals
around the country.

That book may be helpful for us to continue a discussion
about the next chapters of our life.

Now about the election:
The country is $20B underwater; Hillary and Barack didn’t have a hope
or a prayer of turning that around. With devils all around us, there may
be some hope in turning it around with this next group. I don’t know.

But, there is no place to go. The world is underwater, not because
of the warming, but because of debt. There is just no place to go.
We’ve grown beyond our old broken-down worldviews
(Weltanschauung). If we are ever to get it right,
we’ve got to get beyond our own views, beyond world views,
and into something like an integrated universe view.

My simple start on it is here: https://81018.com/home
The work-in-progress is here: http://81018.com
Personal reflections here: http://quietexpansion.com
My garden is here: http://gardengarage.us
And my car here: http://818.bz

Of course, the last two are in jest, but real!
Your comments, questions, or jabs into the ribcage
of this idiosyncratic, old high school acquaintance
of yours will always be welcomed!