An open note to Bob Dylan

We’re all getting older.
We all need meaning in life.
In 1687 Isaac Newton screwed up our brains with absolutes.
And, we all got hooked on his space and time,
We left continuity, symmetry and harmony writhing on the floor.

A simple fact of mathematics — — gives us a new model within which to play.  With that mode, we can:

  • Discover the depths of the relational,
  • See the entire universe. We have to start at the beginning,
  • Engage the most simple Planck scale of time and length.
  • Come up to the current time, today, the Now, and
  • Have all 13.812 billion years in a living framework.

Maybe, just maybe, it is closer to the truth.

It has a little logic, a lot of mathematics and it is all related.
Everything, everywhere, for all time. It is all related.

Looking over from Rutledge Hill at the city lights of Nashville,
let’s get Heaven’s Door opened.
We can talk about “I‘ll Have It My Way” and just maybe “I’ll Have It God’s Way” too.
See (from me) on getting the universe into our beingness.
Today, Be not afraid is now Have no fear.

Now, we just arrived in June,
me long ago from Boston,
and Hattie from San Diego.

The city has more magic (’cause music makes it)
than any other in the USA: