On discovering the work of Pia de Jong

Homepages: Huffington, Twitter, IAS, Princeton Magazine, Community News, Wikipedia, YouTube, Saving Charlotte: A Mother and the Power of Intuition.

Background: Pia de Jong came into the limelight in the USA through the publication of a very important book, Saving Charlotte, about the power of relations (love) and intuitions to transform the moment when her newborn baby with Robbert Dijkgraaf, was diagnosed with myeloid leukemia.

Second email: Saturday, 19 June 2022, at 0:01 PM

Dear Pia de Jong,

We all have such incomplete models of life. We have also adopted the mistakes of the most brilliant within our history; it is no wonder there are so many problems in our little world.

Intuition has served you well. Your loving testament, Saving Charlotte, tells us so. But we need more than intuition to break out of humanity’s death spiral. The USA and Putin are threats that are out of control. Our sciences are so confused and we don’t trust people or concepts, even our simplest mathematics.

You and your family constitute a major force in this world. We need a vastly different model of who we are and why. Would you entertain the idea of being among our ambassadors to evolve our little worldviews into fully mathematically-integrated views of the universe?

Here are two recently penned references within our website to which I would like to point you:
Concepts That Shift Paradigms:https://81018.com/editors/
The Universe As A Totally-Integrated Systemhttps://81018.com/known/

More to come…

First email: 24 March 2022 at 12:59 PM

Dear Pia de Jong,

Intuition is under-appreciated and hardly analyzed. There is mathematics from work within Langlands,  string-M theory, SUSY… yet no model. We don’t trust our simplest mathematics from multiplying by 2 to pi (π). Intuition is all about the math that we can’t reach physically because it begins at the Planck scale and our bias for particle-waves pre-judges the activity deep within simple geometries. There are 202 notations from the very beginning of space-and-time when we apply base-2 notation to those Planck base units. We’re stuck within 202 (which is about 10.9 billion years) and the other 201 notations hold all the secrets, especially the first 67 before we begin measuring things with our devices today.

I thought you might appreciate it. There’s more here: http://81018.com

Best wishes,



Note: Robbert Dijkgraaf, Pia and Charlotte are a family. They have three children.