Center for Perfection Studies

Our Center for Perfection Studies supports several primary websites that are in the process of consolidating many pages that rather organically spread out over the web from December 2011 to September 2016. It is also attempting to narrow the focus of each site for special populations of people:

  •  The Big Board-little universe Project is our first mathematically-integrated model of the universe using base-2 notation. This website is our first with its own URL.  Today the focus of the site is to  work with secondary schools and select elementary schools. It is a Science -Technology – Engineering – Mathematics (STEM) application.
  •  This Integrated Universe View expands our first model with the application of Planck Time, Planck Mass, and Planck Charge. The site is focused to take the best from big bang scholarship and to determine how to apply it to our base-2 model using its natural inflation given within exponentiation. A related focus is to begin to study how we might integrate the Standard Models of (1) Particle Physics and (2) Cosmology (Lambda-CDM model). This on-going research and development also relies heavily on the wsork of those within the scholarly community to discern the open issues within ontology, epistemology, and cosmology.
  •  The 34-page, horizontally-scrolled chart of the numbers generated from applying base-2 notation to the Planck scale, here are 204 columns and 12 rows of simple calculations and evolving analysis.
  •  This site is for the personal reflections about all this work and all the people involved as we all try to answer the basic questions about life, particularly focused on our sciences, mathematics, logic, epistemology, ontology ethics, and religions.
  •  An experimental site to minimize the number of pages to comprehend the basic-basics and a perfected state within space-and-time with the fewest number of words. Every page of this site is duplicated within the other sites.
  •  As the center evolves, it will expand the  applications, goals, and range of this site.