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Camber Responds to BU Blogger

March 13, 2018 at 11:35 am

When this article was written, Neil Turok (Perimeter), Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS), and Max Tegmark (MIT) have begun to plead for a fundamental re-orientation requiring a deep redefinition of space, time and infinity. They ask, “What are more fundamental concepts?”

I propose that we use more general concepts but with very specific meanings that we know well: continuity, symmetry and harmony. The redefinition goes something like this:
1. Continuity begets order begets numbers which beget time.
2. Symmetry begets relations which beget geometries which beget space.
3. Harmony begets dynamics begets systems begets space-time.

Continuity-symmetry-harmony redefine the infinite. Space and time are redefined as derivative, finite, and quantized. Our chart of the universe based on the power of 2 starts at the Planck units of Length-and-Time and Mass-and-Charge: By the 67th doubling there are real measurements within that space perhaps best described as the CERN scale. By the 78th doubling, there are real measurements of time.

By the 143rd notation there we are coming up on a measurement of one second. And, then by the 202nd notation, we have the whole universe in our hands!  If we review just a small sampling of those 202 notations, there is a logic, a flow, and concrete numbers to examine: These numbers support the logic of a quiet expansion, plus the numbers support the current definitions of the cosmological epochs better than the estimates and guesstimates from within the infinitely-hot, infinitely-dense start proposed by Guth and Hawking.

Surely, I invite your comments.

-BECamber, BU STH ’75 and BU GRS ’75-’80