On discovering the work of Ning Bao…

Ning Bao, Stanford University, Stanford, California

ArXiv: Splitting Spacetime and Cloning Qubits
Conditional and multipartite entanglements of purification and holography Phys. Rev. D, 99, 046010
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First email: 2 November 2019 @ 3:13 PM

ArXiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/1706.08503

Dear Ning,

In my brief survey of your 46 articles on ArXiv,
I wondered if you have considered the Planck base units
as the starting point for physical universe. If PlanckTime/Planck Space
and Planck Mass/Planck Charge were to manifest as something, what might
it be? From my rather informal survey, the sphere as in planckspheres appears
to get the most votes. Yet, most are really afraid to venture a guess.

There is something quite elegant about starting at the most basic-basic to see
what it might render.

We discovered 202 base-2 notations (doublings) from that initial thing
to the age and size of the universe: http://81018.coim/chart/
We discovered 64 doublings below the thresholds of measuring devices
at CERN or Max Planck Institute at Garching. That is a huge mathematical space.

Yes, totally idiosyncratic, might you take a quick look and
debunk its simple logic or advise us what to do with it?


Most sincerely,